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Calming, serene and full of mystery

Hiking in one of Estonia's bogs is an excellent way to get away from the city and enjoy being out in the fresh air. Here you can see some of the country's pristine untouched nature and serene forests. Find out how the bogs formed, how they are changing and what the future holds for these mystical patches of land stuck in time.

Why go hiking?

If you want to see the wilder side of Estonia, then a hike through one of our many bogs is a great way to do that. Experience an ancient and untouched landscape far from the noise and bustle of the city. 

The Bogs of Estonia 

Around 15% of Estonia's land area is covered in bogs, fen and other wetlands. Most of them have one or more hiking trails passing through them, consisting of forest roads and wooden walkways on wetter surfaces. These beautiful natural sites began forming thousands of years ago and are one of Estonia's most prized natural treasures.  

It is possible to book an early start to your tour in order to see the sunrise in the bog. This is a truly magical sight, as the first rays rise above the horison and the bog slowly wakes up, shedding its early morning mist. 
NB! Please be aware that sunrises take place at very different times throughout the year. In June the sun rises shortly after 5 a.m. 

What to expect?

  • The bogs hikes are predominantly on flat surfaces with a few slopes along the way. Most bogs also have observation towers which can be climbed via stairs.
  • Time can be allocated for a picnic if you so wish. Please inform you tour guide of this in advance so they can time it properly. 

  • tours will not operate during flooding periods (these may occur in May and October, though not every year). 
  • Even out of flooding season, water levels can vary greatly. Please dress appropriately 
  • sensible and weather appropriate foot-wear is recommended
  • Please do not litter. If you want to have a picnic, please bring a bag and take your litter with you. 
  • If you choose to book an early morning tour, we cannot guarantee a visible sunrise as the weather changes quickly in Estonia 

Included in the tour

  • A professional and friendly guide
  • A tour through the Old Town of Tallinn
  • Town Hall - outside
  • Alexandr Nevsky Cathedral - inside
  • Dome Church - outside
  • Guild Halls - outside
  • View points in the Upper Town

Tour expenses, duration and more

Tour duration: 5 hours 

Tour price:

1 person2 people3 people 4 people 5 people 6 people 7 people 8 people
€360 €510
€ 560

Group size: Up to 10 people (any additional person will add 6 euros each to the final price)

Starting point: To be decided with client. Hotel pick-ups included within Tallinn.

Ending point: To be decided with client. Hotel drop-offs included within Tallinn.


To book a tour please contact us via email ( or fill out the form below. You can also call at +372 529 1479

Please specify the tour you are interested in, as well as the date and time you would like to book it.

NB! Please inform us regarding any special needs regarding the group (e.g. walking difficulties, etc).
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