The Dead Walk These Streets

A city as old as Tallinn has plenty of legends and ghost stories to tell. The old wall towers speak tales of devils and trapped souls. As we walk these winding roads, we will discover the den of a water nymph, the resting place of a mummy and why you should not buy skins in dark you might just lose your soul.

Why the Ghost tour?

If you want to discover the dark side of Tallinn or just have a fun time out on the town with your friends, then this tour is a great choice. Great in the evenings, especially during the dark seasons, why not hear of the ghosts that haunt your dreams.
If you believe in ghosts, then bring a friend. There is safety in numbers

Legend or history?

While there will be no shortage of ghost stories during this tour, it will often be hard to separate the fact from the fiction, as some true tales from history can be even more surreal and unsettling that made of legends. Are skin-salesman Pontus and the Mummy of St Nicholas church merely fairy tales or real historical fact?

How to stay safe?

As you will hear of the ghostly denizens of Tallinn - both pitiful and deplorable, benign and dangerous - a though will likely come to does one stay safe? Well, for that sure to stay until the end of the tour!  
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