Who are we and what do we do?

We are tour guides who love what we do and want to bring our enthusiasm and knowledge to the people visiting our country. Our education and degrees range from linguistics to history, economics to culture and religion, but we all share the same passion for telling stories and interacting with people visiting our country/city. 

White Oak Tours was started as a way to provide specific tours with specific information and experiences. We do not want to simply show people a buildings facade and name it's architect and the style used (although we will not neglect this aspect when it is worth pointing out), but rather tell the people the stories behind the building - why were they built, what as happening at the time and what role did it play? We are firm supporters of context and background knowledge in order to help people better understand our history. 

We wish to give people a fun and educational way to spend their time in Estonia. Our hope is that after one of our tours, whether it is a walk along the cobbled streets of medieval Tallinn, in the wooded national park of Lahemaa or the windswept islands of western Estonia, you would leave with a smile on your face and the feeling that you have enriched yourself.