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Nature, Art and Royalty

The park and palace of Kadriorg are among the most romantic locations in Tallinn. Commissioned by Peter the Great, emperor of Russia, in the early 18th century, this park has been visited by czars, been home to writers and poets, administrators and occupiers.

Why choose this tour?

On this guided walking tour, we will explore both the beautiful grounds of the park as well as the palace (once the summer residence of the Russian royal family), now home to a stunning art museum, and get to know the Russian royalty more closely.

Park avenue heading down to the seaside. Author: Kadi-Liis Koppel

Please note! The tour is not available on Mondays or other days when the museum is closed.

From the era of the Romanovs to the modern day

The Romanov dynasty ruled Russia for over three hundred years, and held the lands of Estonia for roughly two centuries, leaving a definite mark on the memories of the local people. But Tallinn was more than just another city for them. After Peter the Great conquered the Estonian lands in the 18th century, he constructed a summer palace and park in the city of Tallinn, which many of his descendants would visit for centuries. 
A look at the palace from the flower garden. Author: Kadi-Liis Koppel

Since the fall of the Russian Empire, this palace has been home to the president of Estonia, both Nazi and Soviet occupiers and now, the museum of foreign art. 

The park

Encompassing 85 hectares, Kadriorg is one of the largest parks in Tallinn. Here you can finds park architecture and designs ranging from the 17th to the 21st centuries, listen to a wide variety of sing birds, visit the Japanese garden and find an abundance of museums, cafes, restaurants and park benches to enjoy the moment. Nestles between the city center and the seaside, the park is easily accessible by public transport or by taking a 20 minute from the city center. 
Swan Ponds. Author: Kadi-Liis Koppel

Art museum

Kadriorg museum of foreign art, located inside the former summer palace of the Russian royal family, has an exquisite collection of paintings, sculptures and internal architecture with famous names like Salini, Repin, Shishkin, Bosch and others making several appearances. As we walk through these halls, we will talk both of the Russian royals who once walked here, as well as of the works of art and the stories behind them.

Included in the Tour

  • A walk through the beautiful Kadriorg park
  • Stories about the Romanovs and their connection to Tallinn
  • See the presidential palace of Estonia (outside only)
  • Visit the summer palace of Peter the Great, now the museum of foreign art

Tour expenses, duration and more

Tour duration: 2.5 hours

Tour price in euros:

Number of people1-23-45-67-8 9-10
Tour price€70€90€110€120 €140

Group size: Up to 14 people (negotiable)

Starting point: In front of the cafe Katharinenthal - 2 minutes walk from the nearest tram stop.

Ending point: In front of Kadriorg palace - 3 minutes walk from the starting point of the tour


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